WL//WH New Music: THE VIRGINIA PLANES “Step Into This World”

New Music  The Virginia Planes 

We are a few weeks late to the absolutely captivating debut single, “Step Into This World”, from the German Dream Pop / Shoegaze duo from Heidelberg, which through a heady combination of groovy synthetic beats, lush and invigorating gusts of noisy guitars, and intense and hauntingly alluring vocalizations, will lull the listener into a mesmerizing yet thought-provoking daydream.

The song puts one foot in the doomy war vibes we find ourselves in nowadays and puts the other in history’s never-ending cycle of hate to evoke feelings of fear and helplessness.

Stifling mercurial whims drive swaying rhythms, sinuous basslines, and angsty, raining guitar swells to harmonize with heavily distorted mists of fuzz-laden guitar, floating over ethereal breathless vocals, drawing melancholy and pain from swarming surges of piercing and droning frequencies, while twinkling chimes awaken hope amid a dreary haze of chaotic distortions.

Official visualized audio syncs seamlessly with the dreamscape introspection of the soundtrack by building blurry depth-defying textures with stunning jewel-tone rose petals whilst hazy sunlight reflections deliver hypnotic flows of dizzying unfocused visions, leaving the viewer feeling transformed into a surreal serene light.

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