WL//WH Video Of The Day: AKLI “ŠVENTI / Sacred”

Video Of The Day  AKLI

Spawned from the stress and social alienation of the pandemic period, Lithuanian post-punk/industrial music project from Kaunas, AKLI, made of Kristijonas Valančius, Benas Kalinauskas, and Jokūbas Andriulis, plays an aggressive and edgy guitar sound brimming with philosophic contemplations of self-worth, lust and disorder.

The trio have dropped an immersive video, directed by Shukowski, for the angsty and boisterous new single “ŠVENTI” (Sacred), the follow up of last year’s debut full-length LP “TAIKA”.

Controversial, angry lyrics revel in the dark side of socio-spiritual realms where “Screaming angels” and “Fallen Stars” collide with Fear and Fate.

Blazing guitar riffing glisten and squeal over the shifting undercurrent of a pulsing bassline and hard hitting, tight drum beats to carry the beautifully emotional and sad male vocal harmonies into grungy tides of caustic screams and heavy reverb sprayed momentums, releasing pain and fury into the tumultuous sway of nocturnal unrest.

Cinematic video captures a surreal field trip where a black-clad trio court a mysterious white witch. Grey skies cloak an enchanted plain illuminated by religious icons, subconscious shadows, and rich symbols, while an intimate offering of wine, calamari, and wisdom engorge a backward flow of motion toward a mysterious faceless alter. Obsidian ravens prey on the protruding tentacles of glutenous mouths, while whispered red lips incite the lust of a sleepy interlude overcast in the pale, fragile glow of half-moon horizons.

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