BOY HARSHER ‘Run’ (unreleased)

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After just releasing, via Ascetic House, one of the best EP of the last months, if not of the year, the Massachusetts‘ dark synth-driven boy/girl duo comprised of ‘machines manAugustus Muller and ‘confessional storytellerJae Matthews are back with the reissue of an expanded and re-mastered vinyl edition of their 2014 ‘Lesser Man’ EP, originally released on cassette by Savannah’s Soft Science and St.Paul’s Night People imprints.


“Run’ is an unreleased track of that recording session that already suggested all their above-average promising qualities, a song that unfolds over minimal punchy drum machine beats, captivating haunting deep synth lines and hypnotic and mesmerizing vocals, once again you’ll be completely spellbound!

A great opportunity for the old fans of grabbing the limited, 500 copies, numbered vinyl version and for the new ones of rediscovering the first fruits of a genuine talent.


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Ascetic House

Boy Harsher are not only absolutely addictive on records, but they’re also dazzling and explosive live performers.  The ‘Country Girl’ tour has just started from a batch of American and Canadian dates, that will bring them up and down Europe before heading home with their final L.A. show, if they’ll be around your area surely a chance not to be missed.

Article written by Fabrizio Lusso