WL//WH Video Of The Day: WLADYSLAW TREJO “Tu Intimidad”

Video Of The Day Wladyslaw Trejo

Following last year’s 7″ single “Movida”, Spanish ‘synth-punk expressionist’ Wladyslaw Trejo, that certainly some of you may remember as half of synthwave duo Slovenska Televiza, is readying his “Es una Bestia” vinyl 12″ EP, slated for release this summer via London label Polytechnic Youth.

In anticipation of the upcoming record, Valladolid-based electronic musician has dropped a new video for the track “Tu Intimidad.”

Dubbed as a “quick song about quick sex,” hypnotic droning mechanical bass oscillates ominously, fed by thudding, skipping mechanical rhythms, writhing around glassy filthy synth swirl, whilst impassioned male vocals quake and plead in helpless bliss.

Uninhibited lyrics reveal secret sensual thoughts and wild anticipations during an intimate encounter.

Black and white video transforms the life cycle of Cotyledons (seed leaves) into a surreal otherworldly landscape using time-lapse photography, peculiar camera angles, and strategic lighting. A brief explanation shows the extraction and dissection before the pace quickens, turning pods into misshapen heads with tentacles, whilst shoots bloom into swans, alternating graceful serene movements with glitching, contorted poses, as shadows cast depth and distortion onto the mind’s eye.

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Photo by @cristinarvecino (@el_carrusel_fotografia )