WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE HERE TODAYS “Takotsubo”

Track Of The Day   The Here Todays

Following last June’s promising 2-track Demo, Finnish shoegazers hailing from Joensuu, The Here Todays, release the first single, “Takotsubo”, taken from their upcoming debut EP.

The atmospheric and evocative track captures, lyric-wise, the essence of “Takotsubo” AKA “Broken-Heart Syndrome”, using a gradient of intensities to evoke extreme melancholy, loneliness, and desperation, while sounding heavily coated in a swirling haze of reverb, as the shade of a saddened and devastated slowcore dirge gets left drifting in its backwash.

Smothered steady rhythms underpin whirring iridescent layers of fuzzy distortion combined with dramatic dazzling soaring chimes, to shape a slow cold emotional tide expanding into a vibrant and chaotic downpour of reverberant blurry turbulence, replete with an immanent sense of infinite sadness, that with its glowing, vaporous sorrowful resonances cloak narcotic yet euphoric vocals, fearfully floating and fading into explosive bursts of wanton change.

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Photo by @digitaalisesti_vangittu