WL//WH Video Of The Day: SANDS “Transmission”

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Surfaced by chance from the quicksand of a mailbox full of spam and useless promos, slightly late, and we apologize, here is the latest video by Eddie Plex for the bracing and catchy tune “Transmission”, the lead single from the Sands‘ forthcoming debut album, “This World’s So Cruel”, due out on October 13, 2023, via Temporary Wisdom.

Sands is the music project of London-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Andrew Sands, who merges in his sparkling and refined songwriting his ‘love for Rock’n’Roll and New Wave, as well as Psychedelia’.

The heady juxtaposition of spicy melancholic thrills and intense emotive outbursts, amid early ’90s Indie Rock leanings, breezy 60s harmonic allure and rushy New Wave exhilaration, make “Transmission” the perfect sun-kissed reinvigorating Guitar-Pop song to cool down the oppressive summer heat.

A vibrant, immersive and ringing, vaguely psychedelic, aura fueled by brisk and snappy drum beats and warm pulsing basslines, hovers on an electrifying kaleidoscopic weave of swaying acoustic strums, energetic taut riffs, sparkling bittersweet jangle melodies, poignant leads and swirling bright keyboard sweeps, to surround urgent heartfelt vocals, drawing worried breaths of friendly concern, with an overwhelming influx of heartbroken moods.

Cinematic visuals by Eddie Plex capture lively outdoor market interactions to sync seamlessly with the restless momentum of the soundtrack. Blurry trace overlays merge parallel timelines of existence, whilst conversational lyrics and strobing effects shift kinetic flows of motion into a translucent energy of human connection. 

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