WL//WH Track Of The Day: SUN SHINES COLD “Autumn”

Track Of The Day  Sun Shines Cold  

Hailing from the Scottish borders south of Edinburgh, Scotland, Sun Shines Cold is born of the longstanding musical collaboration, lasting for more than two decades, between Brian Jordan and Colan Miles, with the aim of crafting dark, cinematic, atmospheric, and emotional-ridden soundscapes, melding equal parts post-rock epic climax, ambient introspection and shoegaze haziness with a hint of gothic broodiness.

The duo have just dropped the new EP “Autumn / Lights”, made of 2 songs plus an instrumental, while is “Lights” explores mesmeric post-rock infused territories, “Autumn” is instead a sombre, shadowy, soul-stirring ballad laced with nostalgic lyrics that use the metaphor of Autumn to express feelings of love, regret and shame, as time has run out for any hope of change.

Shimmery glow at the deep edge of misty and dank nightly fumes soaked through by autumnal decay, drifting weightlessly with fatalistic melancholy, wearily punctuated by sinuously bleak bass pulses and solemn steady drums, lulled by soft shimmering strummed guitar chords entwined with jangly reverb-dusted arpeggios, achingly sparkling around chilling atmospheric vocals layering agony and sorrow into distant haunted cries and falling downcast hums of helplessness and loss.

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