WL//WH Video Of The Day: SPECTRE THEATRE “Underground Machine”


Started in 2008, Spectre Theatre is the transatlantic  Dark Wave/Death Rock duo made up of former Lost View member, Leipzig, Germany-based Micha (guitar, programming, mixing & mastering) and present-day Tragic Black member from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, vISION (vocals, lyrics & programming).

Micha & vISION returned last week with an Official Video, edited by Mischa himself and filmed by Chris Kühn and Ailyn Regala,  for the band’s latest single “Underground Machine”.

“Underground Machine” exposes the modern-day phenomenon of people who blindly conform to a mainstream agenda and the toxic and absurd outcomes that follow.

A nostalgic, haunting, bouncing vortex of rapid skipping beats, driving droning bass lines, eerie rippling icy synth glares and abrasive distorted guitar riffs, enshroud atmospheric vocals, layering intense fearful angst with cold baritone support, frenetic echoes and swirling haloes, with an high-speed hypnosis of spectacular visions.

Subconscious DIY visuals capture dueling transatlantic backdrops behind a dramatic fusion of Spectre Theatre as they deliver ‘Underground Machine’ to the masses. Snowy woods alternate with dry arid fields whilst the edgy gothic-clad duo broods in the deepening shadows of a sunset’s dying illumination.

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