WL//WH Track of the Day: LE BRAME “Luna | Moon”

WL//WH Track of the Day LE BRAME 

Le Brame is Federico Piegaja, a solo Dark Wave/Post-Punk artist from Lucca, Italy who draws inspiration from the finest and iconic ’80s Italian bands such as Litfiba, Diaframma, Matia Bazar, and Franco Battiato to present his first single “Luna” off the upcoming debut EPCravings.”

A song written at the start of last year in Italy by Le Brame himself, then recorded, mixed, and produced by Jack Milwaukee (aka M!R!M) in London, a sign of distinctive intensity and ’80s-tinged Synth-laden Wave leanings.

‘Luna’ expresses the metaphorical lack of inner light in a moment of extreme need in a daily modern routine chaos.

Poetic lyrics depict a lost soul fleeing the tumultuous atmospheres of violent worldly aggression to hide in an empty darkness under the cathartic influence of shapeshifting moon glows.

Low ceremonial skies open portals to moonlit hope by blending radiating, desolate synth washes and tinkling echoing keys with chunky bouncing bass grooves and erratic lashing rhythm patterns to shift restless, angsty vocals into a secret spoken word interlude of ticking and chiming dimensions, shifting back toward urgent quivering and glaring emotional distress before falling helpless into distant pain-filled cries.

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