WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE STARLIGHT RUN “Sunshine & Powerlines”


Started in 2014, The Starlight Run, the Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based two-piece band made of Neil Carey and Warren Ard, after the sophomore EP, “Let’s Float”, in the Summer of 2017,  seemed to be lost in the mists of the past, with the latter involved in current projects such as Control Room, Blue Livingroom and more recently Detects.

Filling up all the atmospheric, mesmeric and cinematic scope between Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Psychedelia, and Dream-Pop, swept by an overarching vast spacey feel, reminiscent of the expansive gaze of Ride and star scraping magnificence of Hammock, the duo returns with the brand new single, “Sunshine & Powerlines”, to announce the forthcoming debut full-length album, “Everywhere is Falling”, comprised of 9 tracks, mostly composed and recorded around 10 years ago at the time of their first EP, then laid aside, to be finally completed and scheduled to be dropped on June 30, 2023.

“Everywhere is Falling” reflects on the beauty of nature and the man-made distractions that hinder us from connecting with it.

The song sways through, both immersive and transfixing, slow-paced lilting sonic spirals led by plodding drum beats and humming basslines, underneath persistent mesmerizing and twinkly guitar notes, augmented by cool fluid blinding keyboard veils and sheets of swooshing and hazy distortion, that float with resonant majestic droning spaciousness, echoing the reflective melancholy, doused with mystical emotions and unsettling chasms of depth, from distant distorted dreary cries, rising and falling in an agony and ecstasy of a hallucinatory revelation.

Check out the vintage visuals that capture three cars traveling through a hazy mirage of dusty dreams.

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