WL//WH Track Of The Day: ALONE IN MY ROOM “Rain Man”

Track Of The Day  Alone In My Room

Come out of Soundcloud for about six months in some mysterious way, to such an extent that the first time I highlighted the band as ‘peak of the week’ I unclearly dubbed the unit a solo project, darkwave young trio (I saw the pictures now!) Alone In My Room from Fresno, California, keep on unleashing enthralling 80’s-tinged coldwave tunes quite on regular basis.

The immersive and hypnotic “Rain Man” spirals down into a thick, murky endless night exploring the darkness of existential dread through spine-tingling, shimmery, twangy guitar lines, sparsely awash by frozen deep synth stabs, that surf over wicked ominously throbbing bass lines and tightly syncopated drumbeats, echoing cold forlorn invocations laced with hopelessness and despair.

In few months the band has already collected enough brilliant songs for an ace debut EP, keep a close eye on these guys!

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