WL//WH Video Of The Day: SCHLUSS LICHT “Leere / Empty”

Video Of The Day Schluss Licht

Following last February self-released debut single “Im Grau”, Schluss Licht, the fresh coldwave/synthpop solo project of Gregor Heisterkamp based in Leipzig, has just unveiled the first preview, “Leere” ,taken from the upcoming debut 6-track EP “Spät Dran”, due out on October 1, 2020, Cassette/Digital, via Stockholm‘s independent label åtåmåtån.

Clicking mechanical rotations weave flashing and oscillating tight bass throbs with snapping, repetitious backbeats, while warm atmospheric swathes bloom amid ominous, icy synth stabs, as distant, detached male vocals echo and fade, with anxious isolation, into the relentless churn of machinery.

Introspective lyrics consider life’s current conditions of systematic oppression and obsessive “on the go” mentality as well as how it relates to our status of being alone.

The mesmerizing video, created by Dean Wallflower (@deanwallflower), melts man, machine, and insect into a cohesive organism that breathes hypnotic spinning blades into fibrous red and blue veins pulsing in sync with the synthetic soundtrack. Electrical grids embed themselves subcutaneously forming a cyber flow connection, while disturbing entomological images transition a neon purple robotic performance with frenzied ant movement overlays, set against a prismatic backdrop casting dragonfly eye lens synchronization onto the metamorphism.

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photo by @deanwallflower