WL//WH Video Of The Day : CÉRÉMONIE “Néons”

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Cérémonie tells stories. Stories of wanderings, questions, love and abandonment.

Melancholia, gloom and nostalgia embody the intense and moving sound of the Parisian trio, blurring the lines between indie, coldwave, dream-pop and new wave.

The debut EP “Nuit Blanche” was released in March 2017, 3 songs made of melodic pulsating bass lines, sparkling Cure-sque guitar chords and wistful vocals.

The brand new single “Néons” marks a resolute shift to entirely synth-driven sonic territories.

Dealing with themes of love, trust and betrayal, “Néons” starts with an eerily ambient, menacing build into vintage muffled drum beats and a quirky, distorted yet warm bass line crawling underneath the emotional and darkly ethereal double vocals, as the woman’s voice, like a reverb, intriguingly echo to the prominent male one, switching from feelings of pondering, longing, endearing, despair and sorrow underscored by icy mourning swells of synth and hypnotic weeping bass pulses, until the final doubt: is it a dream or a nightmare?

The riveting video is a trance-inducing and multi-colored, swirling kaleidoscope of abstract flashing images laced with flashes of war and conflict. 

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