WL//WH Track Of The Day: STARFLYER 59 “Life In Bed”

Track Of The Day  STARFLYER 59

The long-running music project Starflyer 59, led by Southern California based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jason Martin, approaches the scheduled August release of its sixteenth full-length studio LP, “Vanity”, via Velvet Blue Music, with the first glimpse from it in the form of the new single “Life In Bed”.

In an almost 3 decade-long career highly renowned for a pioneering noisy yet melodic ‘wall of guitar’ shoegaze sound, the new song, coated in lush chamber pop production courtesy of TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion), moves closer to the atmospheric and decadent songwriting of somber introspection, and helpless melancholy, haunted by dark and seductive confessional deadpan croons, of artists such as Leonard Cohen, Kurt Wagner, Stuart Staples and Stephin Merritt.

“Life In Bed” unfurls on gently strummed chords lilt along with relentless repetitive drum beats, smeared by heart-warming, sullen trumpet blows, whilst desolate sizzling keyboard washes, together with wistful ethereal chimes and subdued aching guitar distortion, slowly wrapping around the powerful emotional detachment of a downtrodden magnetic, slightly husky, voice dripping intimate harmonies of abyssal melancholy from the desperate lyrics esoteric pondering, “everybody’s out there but I spend my whole life in bed.”

The intense and refined yet sober arrangements, sublimate with natural depth, a striking, lush and elegant guitar work and the words, heartfelt, alluring and moving as never before.

Impressively fresh and inspired, “Life In Bed” is something different, albeit seamlessly in line with Starflyer 59 legacy.

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