WL//WH Track Of The Day : Reality Instructors “Closer to the heat”

Track Of The Day

All too often and for years now, at least in my country, I’ve heard talk about about the “death of indie”, “the guitars are dead” etc., etc. Words, just bleak words… what I do know is that almost on every day basis some interesting, albeit not revolutionary, new young DIY bands come on my radar, deeply catch my attention and convince me that the lost hours of sleep digging for new music are value for my ears.

Last week was the case of the Sidney based 3-piece Reality Instructors, comprised of vocalist/bassist Eve Lande, guitarist/vocalist Dan Pash and drummer Nick Kennedy, playing a “ritual outbursts of ham-fisted aggro-jangle and urgent suburbanite melodicism”.

“Ideal Love” EP is their 3-track cassette debut. It features also a brilliant cover version of probably the best track, “Record Collection”,  from one of my my favourite British indie guitar band, David Feck’s Comet Gain, with that irresistible and memorable chorus “I don’t wanna hear your record collection in my brain anymore” and by contrast the vocals listing songs and artists he can’t afford anymore, just because they remind him of his ex.

But the two originals are no less quality, a rich energy-infused mix of post-punk, new wave, powerpop and garage rock all smashed up through a distinctly DIY punk attitude, emerging out of a powerful and addictive whirlwind of frantic strummed guitars, challenging harmonies and soaring choruses.

“Closer to the heat” is as abrasive and murky, as it is passionate and feverish hit about the end of a relationship. Relentless raucous guitar lines tense and uncompromising that swirled between irresistible melody and striking distortion, while the tight drumming and the dense bass provide the solid foundation for the impassioned female and male vocals beautifully chasing and confronting each other about whether or not the relationship is over. While the former sings as if it is over asking,”Did I treat you right?”, the latter chimes in ,”Don’t know why you didn’t try?”, furthering the wedge between them.

“Closer to the heat”, a swirling and infectious song that doesn’t try to hide its 80s influences (The Only Ones, The Vaselines, Mission Of Burma come to my mind first), is at its heart and soul, a burst of love, hope and loss brimming with emotions, melody and genuine indie guitar rock energy.
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