WL//WH Track Of The Day : FTR “June”

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The first time I listened about French noisemakers Future was in 2013 in the first volume of the Nøthing Collective compilation. It put together very promising new bands on the axis Rennes and Paris, most of them still brilliantly active, like Marble Arch, Venera 4, Maria False, Hermetic Delight, Giirls, Dead, characterised by a noisey guitar-driven sound on the brink between post-punk, shoegaze and coldwave.

In the 2015 the Parisian ‘coldgaze’ trio followed with a single and the gripping and poignant debut album “Horizons” via Requiem Pour Un Twister label. Then a China Tour the year later and a long hiatus.

After recent ‘suspect’ activity on their Instagram account, renamed FTR, here is the new 2-track single “June”, a new album will be release in 2019 on Third Coming Records.

A searingly cold, powerful yet restrained flow of sounds, sonically immersive and emotionally wrenching, where the melodies are drowned in hazy shrouds of reverb and distortion. Unclear, seemingly far away vocals and sparse female chorus are subdued by driven pounding drum patterns, throbbing melodic basslines, icy swathes of synth and sharp guitar riffs. Just for a few seconds the brooding flux subsides in a moment of oneiric sour melancholy puctuated by beautifully mournful Cure-esque guitar bites, promptly leading back into a swirl of trance inducing noise and mesmerizing obscure harmonies drenched with mysterious and uncanny emotions.

A mind-blowing burst of psych-tinged shoegaze noise, a welcome return.

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