WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEUS FAUST “Netherworld”

Video Of The Day  Deus Faust  

The powerful Dark Wave transatlantic collaboration between Andre Savetier (Košice, Slovakia) and Raymond Nelson (Lewiston, Maine), AKA Deus Faust couldn’t avoid haunting our Halloween macabre celebrations with a soul-stirring DIY video for the immersive and evocative new track, “Netherworld“, taken from their latest 6-track Hallowe’en EP. 

Fatalist lyrics, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Sleeper”, breathe macabre life into a lost soul, whose cursed slumber of greed, deception, and fear reflects a tormented, spiritual demise from the inter-dimensional musings of the fabled “Netherworld.”

Arcane and hypnotic acoustic bass tones drive, crawl, and prowl through an expanding stirring cinematic tapestry of stark syncopated beats, sinister ceremonial synth glows, and eerie, intoxicating humming atmospheric chords to forge treacherous dominions around soft evocative lead vocals and unsympathetic bestial distortions, infusing nervous, unsettled moods of tragic doom into a rising tension of melodies, shaped by metallic rattlings, greedy obsessions, and haunting echoes of disorienting dread.

Alternate timelines merge Maine and Slovakia into a fantastic Gothic Romance swept in history, mystery, and lore to awaken the shadow self dwellings into a sleepy windswept graveyard of hidden Halloween tricks or treats. A supernatural time-lapsed motion transforms a makeshift deathbed of woodsy Earthen decay into a beautiful, surreal backdrop, where a dramatic cast, inspired by Hades, Charon, Cerberos, and the sleeping beauty of humanity herself, come together in a timeless tale of Fateful Death.

Fall’s angular rays of sunlight heighten the sentient vibrations of acoustic bass lines to arouse archetypal wisdom, symbolic Nordic runes, and ancient mythology from the slumbering shadows of a darkened Destiny thus awakening the mind’s eye of interpretation from the nocturnal realm of blindness.

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