WL//WH Video Of The Day: BLACK TAPESTRY “Night Friends”


Black Tapestry, the genre-bending Synth Rock / Post-Punk project started in late 2021 by longtime friend musicians Sisi and Ian, based in the spiritual desert of Sedona, Arizona, has shared the video for “Night Friends”, the 6th and final single in the series leading up to the Summer release of “Outside”, the ‘more bombastic and expansive’ follow-up of the band’s 2022 debut studio album “Moonsoon”.

“Night Friends” heralds a haunting nocturnal realm stirred by hypnotic plodding beats and tight guitar chugs, slowly immersed by distorted buzzing piercing riffs, with poignant shiny synth melodies dourly pulsing atop soft yet deeply felt emotional vocals, igniting the fire inside despite a heavy burden of alienation and doubt.

Inspirational visuals of Black Tapestry, filmed at night under a quarter crescent moon, sync seamlessly with the introspection and the darkness of the soundtrack. The duo look like they are in their natural element when hanging out in the dark desert as Ian stands aloof, wearing sunglasses, and the striking contrast between Sisi’s platinum blonde hair and the night sky seems to intensify her bewitching eyes.

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