WL//WH Track Of The Day: MIDWEST NICE “Shadow”

Track Of The Day Midwest Nice

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Midwest Nice is a brand new ‘mysterious’ young dark electronic duo popped up recently with their 5-track debut EP “Fire Rising”.

Ably mixing together different synthpop, darkwave, coldwave, techno and electro ingredients from both the ’80s and ’90s, the pair creates a magnetic, brooding, murky and emotional dark electronic piece of work, with nods to early TR/ST and Boy Harsher, amidst a dense yet vibrant and immersive layering of synths and sorely hypnotic, tight rhythms around wailing, dipping, alienated croons.

“Shadow” stitches relentless buzzing and obsessive bassline that rumble and throbs menacingly, interspersed by neat whipping snares and hissing, crisp repetitive high-hats, rising in a dense ominous charge of flurrying and oppressive hazy wavering synth textures that thicken, release and thicken again with increased sinister rhythmic intensity, projecting hallucinated swathes of darkness over haunted undulating howls that cry and soar within a primal ritual of pain.
Buried macabre obsessions eat away at a man’s soul leaving only a lost memory, “in my mind’s eye.”