WL//WH Track Of The Day : FADING RAIN “Cut The Silence”

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We talked just yesterday about the tribute to Eric Miranda, and by any chace also the Italian band Fading Rain suffered under the same fate, the sudden loss of the singer and songwriter Pierpaolo Romanelli at the very start of the new year.

Started in 2013 in Brindisi, South Of Italy, with only one single under their belt, the 2015 debut EP “Winter Ballad” on Mislealia Records, but with several contributions to home and abroad compilations, after years of sacrifice, endurance, joy, suffering and invaluable passion, the band have finally release their first album “Let Silence Begin”, via White Zoo Records, that fully shows the development and refine of their 80’s dark-post punk influenced sound  further along the road, made up of hundreds of gigs and rehearsals.

In “Cut The Silence” the glistening and chiming driving guitar stands out and sets the tones throughout, tightly underpinned by the throbbing melodic bass and the pounding drumming, vocals are very evocative and emotional creating strong sense of melancholy and sadness.

Surely influenced by bands of the past, this album is no hazy nostalgia trip, but in its entirety is brimming with visceral sincerity and energy, bursting with solid and gripping gloomy post-punk, their sorely misses friend couldn’t have been remembered in the best way possible.

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