WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #11

Natasha Masharova photography

Picks Of The Week :

  • Berlin based, Tel Aviv‘s trance / wave / techno / electronic producer and owner of ‘Disco Halal‘ label, MOSCOMAN “Wave Rave” title track from upcoming EP on Italy’s Life and Death imprint.                             

Tel Aviv‘s finest takes the dancefloor by storm with his unique heady blend of house, new-wave, techno and, particularly this time, trance.

  • Rotterdam‘s electro disco noir producer Silas Schletterer, aka Machinegewehr“Infections Of The Mind” from 4-tracks EP “Kurayami” on Electronic Emergencies                                                                                     

Rotterdam‘s Machinegewehr delivers four slices of dark, sophisticated and infectious disco noir beauties made of deep analogue synth, spine tingling bass and sensual vocals via the ever excellent Electronic Emergencies label.

  • Greek lo-fi / dark ambient / industrial / electronics project by Penelope’s Fiance and Dj Loser aka Magdalena’s Apathy ”Immortal Coil”.                                                                                                                     

The collaborative project from the up-and-coming Greek producers, with its fractured rhythms and searing, mesmerizing synth loops, will lull you into a trance…              

  • Los Angeles based experimental / minimal / drone / neo classical artist Sarah Davachi “Perfumes III” from forthcoming album “Pale Bloom” on W.25TH / Superior Viaduct.                                                                       
  • Liverpool, UK trap / synth electronic darkwave musician MONOMORTE ‘the lovers’ (Remastered 2019)                                                                                                                                                 
  • Nashville, TN ambient / synthwave collaboration between Andy Walker and Matthew Steven Pusti, The Alphabet Zero / Makeup and Vanity Set “Satisfait” from the album “Foyer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”                                                                                                                                                           
  • Düsseldorf, German electronic solo project by Kreidler member Detlef Weinrich (aka DJ Sport) aka Tolouse Low Trax “Sketches Of A Destroyed Meadow” from V/A “Elsewhere LVI” double vinyl album on Emotional Response
  • French dark electro / EBM / techno producer from Grenoble, Michel Amato aka The Hacker, aka AMATO “Puissance Industrielle” from upcoming EP 12″ “Mécanismes Vol.1” on Pinkman                                               
  • Italian electro DJ, Producer & Sional label head, Æmris “Electro Chair (DJ Overdose remix)” from upcoming EP “The Presence Of God” on Sional Records                                                                                                          
  • El Kef, West, Tunisia experimental electronic / dark techno producer Visceras – “Eternal Remorse” off of V/A “SPECIAL WEAPON” cassette on cutspoons records                                                                                                 
  • Rotterdam based Dutch electronic music pioneer Danny Bosten, aka DAS DING “Analog Devices” off of V/A “Vortex Traks X” on Vortex Traks                                                                                                                   
  • London based techno producer Flaminia “Suspension of Consciousness (Kwartz Remix)” from the upcoming “THEOTHERSIDE 01” EP the new digital-only project by Metempsychosis Records                                                                
  • Australian deep acid house electro producer Geordie Elliot-Kerr from Melbourne, SHEDBUG “Aciidmuzik” from upcoming EP “There’s Hope For You Yet” on Lobster Theremin                                                                   
  • Nashville, TN experimental cold electro producer Daniel Holt “Demonic City” from upcoming 3-track EP on L.I.E.S.                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Turin, Italy industrial hard techno producer Giorgio Baudana, aka BLACKSUN “Cold Forming (Original Mix)” from “Steelmaking” EP on Moscow’s Wunderblock Records                                                                              
  • Italian industrial / EBM / dark techno producer RE_P “Rage, a fight-or-flight response (UVB Remix)” from new EP “A List of Emotion” on RND. Records
  • Italian industrial / ebm / dark electronic / acid techno Dj, Producer, Remixer and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani “The Tropical Year” from forthcoming album “‘Morphic Dreams’” on Stroboscopic Artefacts                                                                                                                                           
  • BritishDutch industrial / synthpunk duo (including Eindkrak), Raum-Zeit “Nitro Buggy” from V/A “Vital Impetus” out now on June Records
  • Italian dark ambient / martial / post-industrial / EBM / dark techno collective CARNERA – ”Attitude (Esplendor Geometrico rmx)” from upcoming 6-track cassette “Colpo Di Mano Nella Zona Grigia” via Berlin based Italian label She Lost Kontrol                                                                                                                     
  • Paris, French dark electro-industrial duo of Sylmam (Sylvgheist Maëlström) and Vincent (Soul Stalker), aka SYLKER “Crack” from forthcoming S/T album.                                                                                                     
  • Melbourne/Brisbane, Australia industrial / cyberpunk / dark electro act DIRT FACTORY “Unseen Tragedy”   
  • Berlin based post-punk / electro / dark disco collaboration between dj/producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and New York native Luca Venezia, Local Suicide & Curses – “Who Cares” from V/A “Ombra INTL 009″ 12” EP via Ombra International
  • French psychedelic / cold wave / dark electro outfit from Paris, VOX LOW “Now We’re Ready To Spend (1981/91 Vox Low Remix)” off of upcoming remixes EP on Rotten City Records                                                  
  • Belgian electro / techno producer Thomas Blanckaert (also Palermo Disco Squad), INNERSHADES “End Life” from upcoming 12″ EP “Ocular Unity” on Mechatronica                                                                                    
  • London based techno / house / Italo electronic duo Nicholas Church & Joseph Spencer, aka Casino Times – “The Breakdown (Panthera Krause Remix)” from “Seven, Eight, Zero” EP on Clandestino                                     
  • Glasgow‘s darkwave / dark synth / electronic dj/producer Sebastian Swarm ft. Charlotte Tuesday “Inflict Pain” from upcoming V/A “META MOTO 2” cassette via Lithuania’s Meta Moto label                                                
  • South Korean experimental techno producer/DJ Scøpe – “Corrode” title track of new EP on his own label SCOPÁVIK                                                                                                                                                             
  • Italian dark, minimal, heavy-techno producer and L.I.E.S. Jealous God, Semantica affiliate, Domenico Crisci “You Are Hot” from “Velvet” EP 12″ on Opal Tapes                                                                                              
  • Russian industrial, dark electronic, techno noise producer from Moscow, T_ERROR 404 “Artificial Snow” from new EP “Spacemorgue” on Khemia Records                                                                                               
  • Portuguese dark electronic / EBM / techno project of Miguel Béco de Almeida (ex ATILA), KARA KONCHAR  “Vicious Mockery” from upcoming LP “Dungeon Rave” on Capital Decay.                                                                                    
  • Tilburg, Netherlands experimental acid dark techno producer Vincent Koreman a.k.a. DRVG CVLTVRE “Middle Empyre (DyLAB Remix)” from DRVG CVLTVRE & V.A. – “Songs In The Key Of D (or C)” cassette album on New York Haunted                                                                                                                                          
  • Milan, Italy experimental IDM / ‘distorted electronics’ producer Katatonic Silentio – “Tundra” from the upcoming EP “Emotional Gun” on Cyberspeak Music                                                                                              
  • Swedish experimental minimal electronic duo of Northern Electronics label’s owners, Anthony Linell and Jonas Rönnberg, aka Ulwhednar “Razor Mesh Fencing” title track from double vinyl LP “Razor Mesh Fencing” 
  • Greek electronic /Italo disco /synth pop project of Costas Andriopoulos aka 23rd Underpass “Come Into My World” from the third album “Voices In The Night / Faces” on Nadanna       
  • Canadian industrial synth electronic producer from Toronto, Holon “Surface Tension”                                     
  • Karlsruhe, Germany cinematic electronic duo of Benedikt Frey & Chris Cox, aka KEYS “Spass Maschine ft. Dino Schanze” from upcoming album “Voltage” on R.I.O. Label                                                                            
  • Berlin based ambient / cinematic / techno / electronic German producer/DJ Philipp Otterbach – “The Roamer Pt.1” from the upcoming “The Rest is Bliss” EP on Knekelhuis                                                               
  • Greek experimental electronic producer Fragedis – “Intersection #1” from upcoming “Intersection” EP on Athenian Record Label Modal Analysis
  • Mysterious electronic producer Exit 47 “War In The Forest” from V/A “Our Beautiful Oblivion” on Berlin based imprint La Luna                                                                                                                                           
  • Ukrainian experimental /ambient /cold electronic /dream wave duo from Odessa, Bad News from Cosmos ‘☾’ from cassette/CD album ‘Blue Jelly Island’ (recorded in 2015) on Shimmering Moods Records
  • Oslo, Norway ambient / synth / modern classical artist RUNAR BLESVIK “Balance” from the upcoming album “Balance” on Fluttery Records

Natasha Masharova photography