WL//WH REVIEW: The New Opus “Trickles into Gravity’s Maw” LP by SUNSET WRECKS

WL//WH Album Review  Sunset Wrecks

On January 3, Sunset Wrecks revealed their new album ‘Trickles into Gravity’s Maw’. Following the 2016’s ‘False Patterns’ LP, this year they present another magnificent epic record that is all moulded with the doomgaze sonic lava and their utterly cinematic approach. SW is a duo that consists of mavericks Jarek Leskiewicz (Naked On My Own, SPC ECO, Blurred City Lights, S T F U, etc) on the guitar, bass, synths, lap steel, ukulele, programming, voices, and samples, and Martin Anderson (Dopedrone) on also the guitar, bass, baritone, keys, synth, modular, sitar, drums, and the old bagpipe. Two skilful players on a common sequel which is to invert the inlay of what we call as ‘gaze music in general. With a little help by the additional personnel with Russell Keeble on add. drums & percussion, and Amadeusz Duchnik on the technical support, SW are somehow creating the music score for stories (or movies) that are not created yet.

The music is all a storm of doomgaze/shoegaze/ industrial/ noise and psych drone music. Pretty experimental in all its technical nature and substance, do not expect to find any neverending urban ambient music in here but sonic chapters that each one narrates an episode with a certain musical arrangement exclusively. Each one of the 12 tracks may stand alone as an independent story while all together form a really magnificent scenario.

Sunset Wrecks

The nearby dystopia, the post-psych art, some sociopolitical crams, the industrial terror with its own delights are only some issues of their concern. You will also hear a sophisticated technical approach on their music which occasionally makes it all sound sci-fi too. As no track is the same as the other, ‘Trickles into Gravity’s Maw’ LP can be easily described as a very long adventure which features an amazing qualification of skills, and some outstanding talent in its whole creation. It is quite obvious that their greatest advantage is the synchronism between them and absolutely their common vision in music. What they are doing is very difficult to achieve without becoming another noisy-boring-superficial outfit. The album is a stunning Odyssey of ‘gaze music with so many surprises in it. Not the proper album to party with but a very personal audition with maximum a small bunch of friends that will dedicate their time to the trip. Such records are for collectors and for the people who are interested to listen to music that is out of the box. It is all about art for the art while this album is a beautiful shock!!!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike