WL//WH REVIEW: The New Haunted EP “Geisterwelt” by DEUS FAUST

WL//WH Review  Deus Faust

March 25, 2020,  saw the brand new ‘Geisterwelt’ EP by the intercontinental act Deus Faust via the constellation of The Wave of Things. Following their 2018‘s debut release ‘What I Saw’ LP, Deus Faust returned with a way more darkened and a morbid little record. You see, even though the two members of the band (André Savetier on vocals and lyrics/ Slovakia, and Raymond Nelson on music/ USA) introduced us the darkwave character of Deus Faust a couple of years ago, this year the duo took a long dip in the abyss of the sheer darkwave industrialism. And although they now adorn their music with occasional synth-wave tips and melodies, the final result sounds like an even more veiled masquerade on a desperate feast.

All these musical tips and melodious fantasies couldn’t save me from the compulsive ‘industrio-gothicness’ of this little jar of sonic venoms. Everything in here is upon the slowcore and in the best ‘saving-my-soul’ case the album showed me some lenience with a few mid-tempo soundscapes. But do not expect to hear only any dark-ambient manoeuvres all over, do not expect to find in the mechanical only wall of sound. Expect to listen to 5 tracks of immersive gothic music in all aspects. Put in the lineament voice of Savetier and you have one of the most imposing records in 2020 already. Savetier narrates his words and poems in a rather cold rendition as his natural voice is always calm and ‘isocratic’. Very, very impressive result and quite creepy at times.

‘Geisterwelt / Spirit-World‘ EP is not a record for all darkwave masses and unfortunately, I won’t be surprised if many don’t find a good interest in it. But I am with the rest who in the first listening fall down dead and happy! This little record addresses to members of the tribe who seek the deeper and the darker delights in the wider alternative music. And of course, this work also addresses the music collectors, these pixies who have the eye and the soul to put at once it in their libraries because “in the near future, you will see why”! Another Deus Faust‘s record, namely the album ‘Weltengeist / World-Spirit’, will follow ‘Geisterwelt / Spirit-World’ EP shortly, as its sequel and its queue, in an ongoing tension between romanticism and enlightenment, emotion and ratio, and we’ll be here again trying to explain the inexplicable wave of things. Until then, please dare to try this little marvel!!!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike