WL//WH Review: NEW ZERO GOD “Circus of Tortured Melodies” LP

Review New Zero God

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…and what an album was that-I spoke in my enthusiasm! Introducing New Zero God from Athens GR and their brand new, fourth studio albumCircus of Tortured Melodies” LP, that was released earlier on March 15. An outstanding post-punk record of 13 well-done and  brilliant bullets that will drive you, and guide you all through the album’s concept, “These are songs about our unfulfilled dreams, the emotional insecurities of modern man, political developments, the manipulation of the family environment, role models of our society, over-consumption, the compromises that we make, and the destruction of our planet“, quote NZG. The band consists of 5 veteran wolves who all initially emerged from the Athenian alternative, new wave/gothic, post-punk scene, from the dawn of the ’80s and all the way through our times in significant bands like Flowers of Romance, The Illusion Fades, Nexus, GAD, and Not 2 Without 3. All of them have seen “wars” and glories and with their ex-bands have offered a number of edgy albums as the hallmark of their artistic aesthetics and their musical skills.

Within the last decade, NZG have offered a string of maxis, EPs, and LPs, trying to capture and translate into music our new dark age, our depressive and angry times. Always to the point, their new opus can easily be considered as their best work so far. A monumental script which dives hard into the current social black oceans, successfully underlining the impact and the sorrows of mankind. And as three of the band’s members were involved in the grey paths of gothic rock in the past, then the musical quills of NZG are scratching on paper deep, seemingly writing fast, exploring all these dirty deeds that are “manifested” behind closed doors and the irony of the “collateral damages”. Alcoholism, suicidal psyche, violence, manipulation, “In a nutshell, Circus of Tortured Melodies presents the complexity of modern life by tracing the sources of modern neurosis“, quote again the New Zero God.

Throughout the entire album, you shall taste some of the old-school oriented gothic rock principles that are blended with occasional punk attitudes, the new wave causality, the fairness of the American oriented alternative rock candor as it was sired in the 90s, by a very skilled band which holds tight all the post-punk delights too. 13 songs that are performed by players who simply know how to drive in the wild nature of urban rock and roll music and its diversities. 13 different dirty alleys, 13 everyday stories, 13 ruthless mirrors, all in a record with brilliant sound and production but not quite so polished in purpose. The album bites hard, and the same album is a manifest alone against the world as it is left in the hands of incapable snakes. I cannot give you any focus tracks because the album has its own concept idea, it has so many episodes to focus on and I would certainly spoil and jumble its whole narration, but I will leave this note instead; while you are listening to the album, catch or read the lyrics (that you’ll find in the link below), as it is important for a complete audition. Here is the performance of  Circus of Tortured Melodies by the New Zero God rock and roll troupe!!!

Written by LoudCities Mike

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