WL//WH Video Of The Day: EGRETS ON ERGOT “Seditionation”

Video Of The Day Egrets On Ergot

Los Angeles based uncompromising punk experimentalists Egrets on Ergot are back with a new track “Seditionation” and the accompanying video, created by Nesto (John Rosman), as a preview of the long-awaited second album.

Leaving their gloomy and hallucinogenic atmospheric, goth-tinged, post-punk inflexions aside, the 4-piece channel Flipper-alike boisterous wall-of-sound belligerence into a turbulent and fierce Crass-style rant against the machine.

Relentless racing repetitive guitar-driven abrasion punched with heavy pounding drum beats and metallic clashes over growling bassline’s treacherous tremble blends with caustic, desperate male chants rising into harsh rebellious protests, charged by female shouts, against the System of “White Lies” in a dire attempt to build unity amongst dissenters, “SUPPORT RESISTANCE, SUPPORT SEDITION!”

Manic video, strewn in violent colors of past political agendas, regimes, and racist culture, combines fact with propaganda to expose the tumultuous truth behind the current state of world affairs. Iconic images, cartoon illustrations, and bizarre “all-seeing” eyes overlay, blur, and hide subliminal messages that mutate and contort secret society symbols into misshapen and deformed brains oozing demented ideologies into an Orwellian “New World Order” of 2020.

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photo by @darlingmonster9