WL//WH Video of the Day: SYZYGYX “Wasted Youth”

Video of the Day  SYZYGYX

Washington, D.C. based dynamic synth & beats laden ‘rock’n’roll’ duo of Luna Blanc and Josh Clark is definitely a household name over here and their unbriled progression in quality and popularity has pleasantly exceeded our expections.

The ‘retro-punk’ pair in collaboration with Cold Transmission Music have just dropped an exclusive ‘perfect’ compilation entitled “The Graveyard Compilation” including remastered and sparsely re-shaped songs from from their previous two EP’s and debut full length album.

In the meantime, the band have shared the visuals for “Wasted Youth”, one the first songs ever made as S Y Z Y G Y X, part of the first 2018’s EP “Hex’n Equinox” on Cleopatra Records, with the peculiarity to feature Josh‘s vocals only.

Buzzing pulsating basslines, biting hypnotizing hooks, idiosyncratic sequential synthesizer distortions disintegrate atoms from the post-apocalyptic melancholy atmosphere as monotonous, minimal, male vocals wreak of detached anxiety plaintively speaking inside his head expecting someone to notice. The perfect amount of play kicks and lashing beats from the drum machine raging with unrestrained energy make for an infectious synth-pop blast.

When a man assumes his girlfriend will notice he is struggling and support him, her silence becomes the catalyst for big problems. In accordance with family logic learned over the years, the problem is not silence but denial.  Unintentionally sweeping it under the rug causes him to lose all interest in the relationship and their coping mechanisms wage hid war on their once loved union.

A dark glimpse into the past unveils mysterious heartache as a man finds new romance with an unsuspecting beauty. Bathed in hot pink neon lights a woman unknowingly gives an inviting dance to a troubled man set against the backdrop of a large dark discotheque intermittently illuminated by intense coloured lights, massive stagnant clouds of smoke, and loud pulsing electronic music creating an air of suspense and foreboding perfect for the dancefloor.

A mysterious and clandestine relationship from the past cast shadows upon the future of a burgeoning romance instilling fear and confusion into a cautionary tale of the human psyche.

SYZYGYX remix of “Faith in Me” by Turkish gothic electro-pop act Elz and the Cult is coming out soon on the 28th of this month via Cold Transmission Music. Don’t miss out!

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