WL//WH Video of the Day: JAKUZI “Toz”

Video of the Day  JAKUZI

Stalwarts of the Turkish underground music scene and fine purveyors of modern, distinctively wistful and melodic, synth-pop interspersed with post-punk and dark wave sensibilities, reminiscent of classic 80’s British bands such as Depeche Mode, A Flock Of Seagulls, Soft Cell and Human League, Istanbul based act JACUZI have just released a videoclip for the track “Toz”, taken from forthcoming sophomore album “Hata Payı” due out April 5, 2019 via Berlin based City Slang.

Hypnotic synths paired with classic instruments and emotive vocals explode into a melodrama of intense sound emotion! Highly relatable themes and dance-inducing rhythms banish any signs the sophomore curse to a life sentence in a super sequel video.

A song proudly written and sung in Kutay Soyocak‘s native Turkish helps him convey his thoughts more profoundly and aids in the cathartic process of sharing. Themes of young adulthood in Istanbul, living up to expectation, being misunderstood and alienated, personal relationships and mental health explored with open unabashed melancholic vigour.

A bright synth riff introduces dynamic propulsive bass lines and hard stuttered drum beats to form an amalgamation bursting in intense energy. Dark, brooding, and baritone vocals convey frustrated disappointment in stark contrast with the persistent, energetic, and brighter sounds surrounding him. A schism between the two enhances the isolated, misunderstood tone of voice that bleeds urgent anxiety. The synth scales flourish glistening beams of radiance joined with confident repetitive beats, and electrified nimble string melodies throughout.

The companion video, directed by Eli Kasavi, is connected to the band last visual interpretation “Şüphe” starring Kutay Soyocak. Flashing lights in dark hues pulse upon a curiously mysterious lad of an awkward nature dancing to the nines despite being alone. Fancy footwork, a look of determination, and sweat begin to form on his brow as shadows form on the blank walls creating a crowded dance floor effect. The combination of an abundant fog machine, blinking rays, and consumption of space become claustrophobic for the soloist, who thinks twice before walking off. The previous video showed the dancer as a voyeur, observing a couple with shame and doubt. Looks like he’s given up passively watching and decided to move, shake, and slide his worries away.

A sequel within a sequel serves poetic justice indeed!

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