WL//WH Track Of The Day: STATUS OBLIQUE “Shining Path (feat. Jenn Zed)”

 Track Of The Day   STATUS OBLIQUE   

After more than three decades into electronic production and DJing in addition to playing bass for local indie/shoegazey outfit Sonica, Status Oblique is the first real studio project from Perth based musician and composer Roshan born out the purpose of blurring the lines between shadowy Post-Punk moodiness and hazy Shoegazing atmospherics peppered with Industrial leanings.

After last month’s debut single, “All Systems Go”, defined by a prominent early 90s-tinged wall of sound over Post-Punk bass tones, in the brand new sophomore release, “The Shining Path”, the first on Transmission Nova Records, a sub-label of We Are The New Underground (WEATNU), Status Oblique teams up again with the prolific UK artist and multi-instrumentalist Jenn Zed, to explore atmospheric, spectral and somberly introspective sonic territories akin to early 4-AD melancholic ethereality combined with trip-hop alike off-tempo rhythms, industrialized tinny inflexions, seething, gloomy undercurrents, turbulent abrasive guitar textures and hypnotic keyboards on which float the bright and mesmeric pensive Jenn’s vocalizations.

The poetic lyrics capture the frightful yet inspirational feelings that occur when a strong soul takes a step towards revolution whilst encouraging others to join.

Blending the digital with the organic, “The Shining Path”, is grounded on steady syncopated and hypnotic beats along with ominously murmuring and churning low ends to build an underlying menacing squeaky murkiness, while surrounded by an anxious whirlwind of flurrying and distorted layers of reverbed guitar and wailing buzzing synth gleams, echo with winding tormented intensity the hurt, deserted, drifting vocals, cutting slow piercing cries of pain and fear, engulfed and lost in a menacing aura of twisted droning dread.

Although Status Oblique is a band still in search for its own sound, the first fruits sound quite promising.

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