WL//WH Track Of The Day: RAIN DOGS “More Than Desire”

Track Of The Day  RAIN DOGS

“More Than Desire” is the second single of the year from Melbourne-based three-piece “Electronic Rock’n’Roll” band, Rain Dogs, back to delve into an enigmatic, yet crisp and shimmering darkness with a sensual and mesmeric ballad of noir romantic seduction, nuanced in electronics, close to the cinematic, nocturnal and decadent moods of Nick Cave, Iceage, Slug Guts or Ritual Howl, albeit far from those scratchy, murky and abrasive tones, but rather more sharp and enveloping.

Intimate lyrics use a magic spell seeped in shadowy undertones to entice a lover into “a second chance tonight.”

“More Than Desire”  triggers the relentless resonant thumping drive of crunchy percussions along with sneakily swaying warm basslines, scattered with alluringly uncanny dim keyboard chords, wrapped in a wiry glistening gauze of dour twangy guitar splinters and abrasive riffs, which flicker and echo, to piercingly blaze the obscurity, while writhing and wandering around deep sensual magnetic croons, tempting and luring, with a dark mysterious swagger, into an intense prowling hypnosis of fantasy and desire.

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