Track Of The Day: MUMRUNNER “Remember Me”

Track Of The Day Mumrunner

I recall the Finnish dreamgazers from Tampere, Mumrunner,  for two very promising EPs from 4/5 years ago, that stood out for the emotive and melodic qualities of their energetic and sparkling guitar-driven sound, both released through Soliti, a label that I’m used to following constantly.

Well, the quartet is finally about to drop their long-awaited debut album “Valeriana” slated for release on March 27th, 2020, co-released by Through Love Records (Europe) and Shelflife Records (North America).

The band have just previewed the second single from LP dubbed as

‘one of the album’s poppiest songs with all jingle-jangle guitars and funky basslines yet it’s definitely one of our darkest songs lyrically’

Deeply dense bubbling bassline pulses with slight gloom, through steady, punchy drumbeats and shimmering haze, infused by glistening jangly guitar melodies, that glimmer and glide with effortless melancholic vexation and soothingly piercing tones, awash in warm and ethereal synth swells, instilling a profound, rip current undertow sense of sadness, anxiety and ultimately relief, heightened by dreamy, hazily detached male vocals wisp sweetly somber goodbyes through calm harmonies, amid painful fallout, drifting in an immersive atmospheric finale, both painful and comforting, by now faraway longings of memories that will soon be forgotten.

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