WL//WH Track Of The Day: SYD SILVAIN “Bis Bald”

 Track Of The Day    SYD SILVAIN   

Syd Silvain is the moniker of a singer and songwriter from Melbourne who started in mid-2020 playing ethereal folk, deeply sad and ecstatic, lately adding loads of agony, obscurity and… synthesizers.

The Australian artist has just dropped the new 2-track single “Bis Bald // Spirograph“, seemingly the best release so far, where the voice unfolds with all its magnetic, plaintive and harrowing energy with a subtle cosmic flair over a dramatically evocative, both organic and synthetic, instrumental carpet.

“Bis Bald” (German for See You Soon”) unfurls somberly through a cold and solemn liturgical tread lead by a mesmeric string of wistful repetitive piano note expansions, underpinned by light scattered hypnotic percussions, buzzing low ends and enshrouding sorrowful lyrical synth swathes dragging inexorably into the darkness and restlessness of the painful introspection embodied by the intense, aching, forlorn vocals exhaling rich, emotional painfilled breathes of hypnotic, quivering sullen spirits rising, falling, and longing desperately in intoxicating melancholia of desolate desires.

If “Bis Bald” may suggest in some respect distant This Mortal Coil vibes, it’s equally sublime, devastating and wholly mesmerising.

A one last update: both tracks are included in the just dropped online EP “Basalt” on Bandcamp. Check it out!

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