WL//WH Track Of The Day: LLAWGNE “The Other Room feat. Elin”

WL//WH Track Of The Day LLAWGNE  

Gothenburg-based songwriter, musician and producer Mathias Engwall under his llawgne alias, ceaselessly concocts an entrancing kaleidoscope of vibrant sounds and wondrous visions, teetering between past and present, that brings together lush contemplative Dream Pop, gentle swirling ’60s psychedelia, swelling textured Shoegaze mists, and groovy shifting rhythm patterns, peppered with a refined and evocative natural melodic flair.

The Swedish artist has just dropped “The Other Room feat. Elin, the third single lifted from his forthcoming sophomore album “Microdosing Heavy Poetry” via Flow & Patterns.

The heartbroken song deals with confidential lyrics that switch points of view from angry disappointment to intimate adoration to examine both perspectives of a relationship.

The sublime late 70s/80s Soft-Rock laced “The Other Room”, painstakingly chisels an ethereal and stirring atmospheric capture of a shifting emotive state of mind, wobbling its way through steady plodding drum beats woven with chugging bass grooves, whilst boundless bittersweet quivering melodies gently insinuate into hazy flowing blankets weaved by shimmering distorted guitar resonances and glowing wistful keyboard orchestrations, interspersed with a vibrato-laden reflective poignant piano key interlude, slowly coasting meditative emotional vocals, layered with airy female haloes, alternating angsty melancholia with breathy aching cries, to elicit conflicting feelings of nostalgic joy and sour sadness.

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