WL//WH Video of the Day: AJ PAIN “Swivels” featuring Tenko Nakajima

Video Of The Day  AJ PAIN feat. Tenko Nakajima

London-based, Bulgarian-born enigmatic experimental electronic artist Stan Iordanov, under his alias AJ Pain, has unleashed his debut album of ‘executive information music’ entitled “U-Heads”, the first foray outside its usual archival realms for fellow London-based label ACC Records. 

“U-Heads” is a mineral collection of tracks that push and yield, difficult music that’s easy to fall into, neurotic at home and ecstatic in the club. The pulse is the great protagonist here – across the seven tracks we’re turning, ticking, knocking, scraping, feeling a million modulations on what a beat might be, in a panorama made up of striated and broken waves, lambent textures and metallic arabesques. A cerebral, brave and elegant record that leaves you wondering what’s left of the idea of industrial music in a post-industry world.

An accompanying video for the song “Swivels”, featuring Japanese artist Tenko Nakajima on vocals, has been released, directed by Felix Riemann.

A crackling, claustrophobic and hypnotic concoction of grainy, whiny, anxious, organically chaotic sonic manipulations made of distortions, repetitions and dissonances embodied by twisted, jarring bass, stumbling obsessive beats and waving rattling atmospherics that aptly fit with Tenko Nakajima‘s haunting vocalizations immersed into a blend of rapidly spoken Japanese observations with low woozy, mesmerizing outcries at civil injustice against its citizens and the hazardous wastes such as, ‘raw corruption, taste of want, and human sweat’.

A romantic video of a man and woman taking a stroll through London’s urban cityscape just after the spring rain uses superimposed images, slo-mo photography, and unique city art to make a perfect day for lovers. Underneath the beauty lies a stench of inequality surrounding the lifeless eyes of the exploited whose lives have been stained by the tempestuous waste of the wicked.

AJ Pain‘s “U-Heads” limited vinyl edition LP is available directly on ACC Records‘ bandcamp.

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