WL//WH Video Premiere: BROTHERHOOD Finds Solace from the “DÍA DE MUERTOS”

WL//WH Premiere Brotherhood

In May 2023, Swedish Gothic Rockers BROTHERHOOD took on the live stage supporting British Dark Rock legends The Mission for two sold-out nights in Stockholm, which gave inspiration to record and write new songs.

Founded in 2007 by veterans Stefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren in Eskilstuna, the band introduces a new live show line-up to follow last year’s epic experience, comprising Johan Mörén on bass (Memento Mori), Peter Bjärgö on guitar (Arcana), Tim Oliver Rytterström on guitar (Versi), and Caisa N Eriksson on backing vox (Luna Joyce), whose distinctive dark, rich, and melancholic sound, while bringing the roots of goth from the mid-80s back to life, evokes a love for life and freedom in the brand new single “Dia de Muertos“, framed in the cover artwork created from images by the fantastic artist and painter Sackarias Luhanko and photographer Mikhail Nilow.

Dia de Muertos”, a song inspired and recorded after the 2023 The Mission experience, deploys the special guest appearance and backup vocals of Peter and Ia Bjärgö and is presented with a strikingly aesthetic video filmed by Mikhail Nilow (Pexels), WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

Driven by an overarching life of sadness and pain, evocative layers of icy, radiating guitar riffs ring and prick with intoxicating intensities, amid broody throbbing bass lines and steady marching drum beats, whilst lonely, tired, and alienated vocals, haloed by haunting echoes, struggle to let it all go, embrace love, and be set free, despite waves of droning frequencies.

Dia de muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican and South American celebration, similar to All Soul’s Day, in which people honor and commune with their dead ancestors. The visuals by Mikhail Nilow (Pexels) capture the mood and decorum of this day perfectly using traditionally ornate makeup applied in rich jewel shades, along with elaborate headdresses, to evoke the appreciation and significance of this holiday. A ceremonial backdrop of colorful candles and flowers sets the tone for a pair of reverent observers whose symbolic gestures, modelesque poses, and subtle dance moves sync beautifully with the energy of the soundtrack.

Brotherhood‘s new single, “Dia de Muertos”, is due to be released, via all the major streaming platforms, on February 16th.

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