Track Of The Day Allein in der Badewanne

Despite the clearly Teutonic name and lyrics, Allein in der Badewanne is a young French trio based in Brittany, with a cold and murky atmospheric post-punk sound, brooding over obsessive and stripped-down Joy Division-like propulsive rhythms, frozen synth swells and sharpened and penetrating guitar chords of Echo & The Bunny-esque lysergic quality, constantly pervaded with obscure tightly-wound tension and profound somber agony.

The band have just dropped the new single “Blumen”, the 5th under their belt since December 2019, an achingly melancholy dense atmospheric piece of introspective emotional turmoil, deadly isolation and subsequently paralyzing fear.
Dismal bleakly punctuated bassline seamlessly swift to ominous winding, tight, dirgey pulsations back and forth over scattered hypnotic percussive rhythms, pierced by icy distorted layers of reverb-infused mournful ghostly guitar mist that echoes, wails and needles atop, to harness intense agonizing moods of grief, anxiety and alienation, encapsulated in haunted, whispered fearful male vocals expanding emotional suffering into an ominous unknown destiny.

Expect Allein in der Badewanne‘s debut EP soon.

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