WL//WH Video Of The Day: WIENER PLANQUADRAT “Stillstand”

Video Of The Day  Wiener Planquadrat

Austrian electronic band Wiener Planquadrat, made up of Michael Weiler, former member of Burnin Tears (Luv Shack Records), and Maximilian Atteneder of indie rock outfit Catastrophe & Cure, drop an engaging video, directed and edited by Moritz Köller, for the whimsical and nostalgic single “Stillstand”, on newly formed label Iptamenos Discos ⟁ ΙΠΤΑΜΕΝΟΣ ΔΙΣΚΟΣ run by Berlin-based, GrecoGerman DJ/producer duo Vamparela and Brax Moody AKA Local Suicide

“The lyrics describe a journey from the mountains to the sea and paint the picture that one is driving their convertible with the top down and as the sun shines and lush melodies fill the fresh coastal air.”

Upbeat mercurial disco vibes ignite twinkling icy bright synth swirls, tantalizing rattle shakes, steady punchy beats, jiggly syncopated bass lines and an intoxicating array of electronic expansions and bleeps to rise and fall in cyber, daydreamy nuances around the invigorating reiterations of austropop-esque male vocals swept in high energy uplifting shouts, fluttering shrilling flute surges, to recreate a majestic flow of retro-futuristic 90s downbeat bliss.

An engaging martial arts sequence cast in neon lights, universal symbols, and blurry shadows evokes strength and commitment from inter-dimensional wanderings. Swirling orbs, geometric shapes, and angular mazes expand consciousness around a dim-lit personal arena, illuminating coloured planes of hope by diminishing doubt. Weightless swirls, flashing grid lines, and slow-motion photography form depth defying textures to time-travel with concentrated efforts of sparkling life force glee.

Wiener Planquadrat‘s single “Stillstand”, including a remix by Rising Seed AKA Lee Stevens (the project of one of the founders of Luv Shack label) and musician Martin Arnold, is due to be released on a strictly-limited clear Dubplate 12” and on all the digital platforms, on September 3rd via Iptamenos Discos.

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Photo by Maša Stanič