WL//WH Track Of The Day: Q-7 THREE TIMES “T​-​3 // Aus”

Track Of The Day Q-7 THREE TIMES

Mike had already highlighted last year’s brilliant and bizarre self-released debut album, “25 Frames”, by Switzerland based post-punk act oddly named Q-7 Three Times, comprised of Swiss singer and lyricist Alex Huldi and Greece-native multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer George Magouras

The duo have just dropped a 2-track Limited Edition Vinyl Single, “United”, that shows the band’s unpredictable attitude of daring eclecticism in combining diverse 80s inspired sonic suggestions in a fresh and distinctive way.

The galloping, dragging and up-beat ‘call for unity’ Electro-Wave “N​-​2 // Hello” cloaked in droning guitar layers, is paired with the jittery, dynamic and danceable Synth-Pop number “T​-​3 // Aus” with nods to DAF and Fad Gadget.

The latter lyric-wise reveals a dire disconnection and frozen existence under the oppressive powers of fear and deception.

 “T​-​3 // Aus” rides through a frenzied pace of lashing drum patterns, chugging arpeggiated low ends and neurotically undulating tinkling synth keys, stabbed by jagged sharp guitar slivers, whilst cold, compulsive vocals release secret whispers, urgent moods, and angsty obsessions into a rising perception of disorder.

Q7X3 have also shared a time-lapsed black and white video that spins an urgent flow of urban hustle into a timeless loop of unsettled chaos to evoke feelings of anxiety, dread, and disorientation.

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