WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAN DIDN’T CARE ft. Pensée Pommier “The Last Time”

Video Of The Day  Dean Didn’t Care  

Fresh from the release of his debut 3-track EP “Television”, new French Post-Punk /Coldwave one-man band from Rouen, Dean Didn’t Care, has dropped a heady video, directed by Basile Marion and Marius Hellot, for the immersive track “The Last Time” feat. the enthralling vocals of Pensée Pommier.

Ominous buzzing bass tones spark static vibrating frequencies around slow hypnotic, lashing off-tempo beats, prowling under melancholic synth flow’s sentient glow, while sad, sensual, and sassy female vocals layer with distant childlike cries and giggly, mischievous laughs, to release breathless, emotional pain and confusion into the dangerously intoxicating electronic expansion of the human psyche.

Inner conversational lyrics reflect on the feelings of frustration and anger within a man who has become disenchanted with a women’s erratic and mercurial behaviour.

Lynchian vibes draw from a dual setting split between a minimal retro room and the surreal architecture of an abandoned church to tell two stories in one, whilst a man watches footage of “The Last Time” he spends with his girlfriend. Time lapsed strobing neon effects distort minutes, while depth defying camera angles and multidimensional reflections expand space around a decaying set, cast in stained glass windows, spinning into kaleidoscopic puzzles. Weightless flashbacks centre on intense mood and wardrobe swings, as a penitent confessional led by a tattooed bible burning rebel extinguish all hope for the troubled duo who find themselves lost in a crisis of identity and faith.

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