WL//WH Video Of The Day: LENY MÜH “Une Fugue Dissociative”

Video Of The Day LENY MÜH

Toulouse based Cold Wave artist Leny MÜH has shared a chilling music video, created by Aude BRECHOTTEAU, for the gripping track, “Une Fugue Dissociative”, taken from last May’s debut album, “CAPHARNAÜM”, via fellow independent label Hidden Bay Records.

The French musician has managed to imbue his own distinctive queer aesthetic, inspired by the iconography of American cinema, into an intriguing and intoxicating take on Coldwave sound in the wake of suggestions drawn from French Pop as well as 80s New Wave and Post-Punk. He also performs alone on stage, under the guise of his own invented character Mulholland Drag.

I grew up in a small village near Montpellier. My adolescence was very complicated. I was the most negatively known boy in college, the one everyone called a “queer.” I had a singular, effeminate physique, an animation geek, I was a freak! “Un Fugue Dissociative” is a look in the rearview mirror on this period. This song is ultimately about the visceral need to save oneself. Leaving far from the one you are and the one you love out of fear… But you cannot flee indefinitely!

Steeped in urgent and restless moods, “Une Fugue Dissociative”, unbridles obsessive rumbling bass undulations to drive menace through steady, punchy beats, glaring synth strains, and groovy droning guitar riffs to lift the agony of strong passionate French vocal harmonies laced with shy and melancholic whispers into the obsessive stinging pain and reverb fueled toxicity.

An intoxicating mirage of sentimental imagery by Level Up Film sets the stage for a night of introspection, supernatural omens, and tragedy. Engaging video captures a nostalgic dressing room decorated in personal mementoes, photos, and artwork (Leny MÜH) to paint the mind’s eye of insight with the heartfelt memories of a young artist. Dramatic make-up (Margot FERRY), wardrobe (Laetitia Lemaire), and acting skills merge a broken timeline between a confident alter-ego who can sense the future and a troubled student who stirs the soul with melancholy and heartache to elicit an intense sentient anxiety from the shocking, fateful narrative plot.

Leny MÜH ‘s first album “Capharnaüm” is out now, on Vinyl 12″/Digital formats, via Hidden Bay Records.

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