WL//WH Video Of The Day : ATILLA THE HVN “The Secret Doctrine [Unreleased]”

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Undoubtedly, has been for years, is in the ‘electronic music’, with all its genres and su-genres, where is still possible pushing the boundaries of creation forward in search of new sonic territories of composition and sound design.

Fresh from a devastating EP on the Dutch experimental techno label, New York Haunted, founded by the electronic producer Drvg Cvltvre, one of these bold and visionary experimentalists is the Tilburg-based visual artist and audio-doom-creator ATILLA THE HVN.

Rooted in hip-hop production and mixing techniques and in the most radical and uncompromising witch-house scene, he increasingly added more and more techno elements to create something personal, new and exciting.

Proof of that is his intriguing and utterly absorbing new unreleased track “The Secret Doctrine”, blurring the lines between industrial, witch-house and electro, excruciating noises, intoxicating stark beats and unique glacial and disturbing sonic textures combined with arcane sampled vocals of Middle East flavour, setting an ominous and eerie atmosphere of distress and gloom.

Check out the emotional DIY video showing some hints about how he was able to survive to a bad period of depression, I’m well aware of it, music, and art, saved me too several times, it’s up to you to figure out his occult-based readings…

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