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WL//WH Video Premiere: KLYPI “Notice Me”

WL//WH Premiere KLYPI

Nashville, Tennessee‘s Queer Electro Pop artist Klypi follows the release of their 14-track album “Consensual Hits” via Orlando-based independent label Popnihil, with an intoxicating Video for the high energy dance track “Notice Me”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

The concept for the video is both aesthetic and functional, as Klypi and fellow artist Rian Archer created the look, feel, and dialogue for Klypi’s Notice You Hotline: yes, you can call (or text) 1-(347) 7NO-TICE and be able to share your story of trying-to-get-that-hottie-to-notice-you, and if it was an epic fail or a sound success. Klypi intends to keep this active line for callers, texters, and anyone else who wants to talk. And last, Klypi dawns a set of custom hair clips, which they are selling a short run of. Get them before they are never made again!

Nostalgic electronic rhythms flash energetic layers of tremoring dance beats, loopy synth melodies, and low pulsing bass tones around sassy, sad female vocals layering expressive whiny romanticisms, begging croons, and high airy notes into the hypnotic auras of hopeless bliss.

The insightful lyrics use an inner dialogue to reveal the double standard that lies within some relationships where deception and emotional manipulation are used to diminish and control the feelings of another.

The electrifying visuals, directed by Rian Archer and Ailene Weatherly, construct a vintage-style T.V. Ad for the functioning hotline number 1 (347) 7no-tice to depict the maddening lengths some women go through for attention. Spot on costume, make-up, and setting draw you into a girl’s bedroom where a silken robe, dim pink lights, and a glass of bubbly accessorize a night of old school phone calls. Charismatic, comedic acting skills pull you into the character’s dilemma with panache while sweeping, zoom lens camera work, split-screen cameos, and racy props put the finishing touches of thought provocation into the immersive 3:20s clip.

Klypi‘s new album “Consensual Hits” is out now, on Cassette & Digital, through Orlando-based DIY label Popnihil,

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