WL//WH Video Of The Day: PARTIKUL “Sorry”

Video Of The Day Partikul

Fresh formed Brussels based duo PARTIKUL, influenced by 80s post-punk/new wave bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Tuxedomoon, Nitzer Ebb, The Smiths and contemporaries like Boy Harsher, have just debuted with the video for the song “Sorry” off of the upcoming self-released first 4-track EP “Venus Virus” due out next October.

An emotional, moving theme about the death of the grandmother of his wife ceremoniously expels into a litany of sound capturing the essence of loss, love, and the celebration of life. Personal, heartfelt, and poetic lyrics highlight the final period spent loving, learning, and remembering the genuine soul of a strong woman whose passing was as much of a gift as it was a loss.

Sad flowing blows buzz peacefully into neat martial snare drums and sweetly sorrowful drone undulations expanding into the ever-growing concocted sonic haze suffused with drab and dreary memories, as reverent, mourning vocals respectfully long with love and loss a dear loved one swept up in glassy, winding, elegiac synth melodies interspersed with glacially piercing electric guitar notes densely underlaid by the energetic throbbing bassline’s dynamic dance with life.

A consequential black and white video illustrate various planes of existence, from the ordinary to the fantastic, drawing the focus onto the fundamental characteristics of what it means to be human. An awkward, sensual, wet kiss bursts into a galaxy of waterdrops as they spin, sway, and slide, in slow time-lapse photography, around varied still poses of the human form ending with the eyes. Superimposed imagery alternates and blends lips, drops and gazes into a backdrop set against a group of traveling strangers cast in the flickering lights and shape-shifting shadows to form a vast unknown universe of endless choices.

“Venus Virus” EP Artwork

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