WL//WH Video Of The Day: NATTEN “There Will Always Be A Special Place For You In My Basement”

Video Of The Day   NATTEN   

Since 2010Stockholm, Sweden-based experimental electronic quartet Natten has under taken a constantly changing and seamlessly evolving dark journey toward the unknown depths of musical expression through a heady array of howling horns, pounding beats, kraut-like repetitive bass riffs, dreamy synthesizers and profound poetry, to provide the listeners with their unique brand of mesmerizing “Psykonautdisko.'”

Natten, made up of Jan Sydolf, Arvid Lärksäter, Fredrik Adolfsson and Robin Donaire, have accompanied their twelfth release, “Máni”, via NADAVILLE label, a 4-track EP of improvisations recorded in a cellar in the Stockholm suburb of Högdalen, with a psychological video by Nille S. Lindqvist for the trippy mystical percussive pattern of  “There Will Always Be A Special Place For You In My Basement.” 

Puzzling nightmarish laments awaken the listener into a little less than a 10-minute exploration of the subconscious mind compelling both driving and lilting, ritual hypnotic, crisp percussions, distant rattles, cold-blowing fog horns, and icy bright chimes, to open a brief interlude of organic throbbing bass lines. Slow creeping mists, cast in an array of heady FXs, unexpectedly appear and disappear to stir the soul with primal prowling energy, whilst soft bewitching vocals haunt the skies with cool ghostly comfort amid tinny guitar echoes, fizzing bursts, and chilly fluid synth melodies, invoking hidden fears from an archetypal well of lost inherited insight.

A strangely gripping and immersive black-and-white video by Nille S. Lindqvist follows a mysterious coal-clad stranger through a series of seemingly innocuous events, to sync seamlessly with the interpretive vibes of the soundtrack. Thought-provoking use of lights and shadows, stark, skeletal natural imagery, and strategic implementation of symbols and hues, lead the viewer down an eerie dark path of human discovery, where the shadow self waits in the darkest corner of the basement fueling discomfort and dread with endless reflective visions.

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