WL//WH Video of the Day: NAIROD YARG “The Rhum and Me”

Video of the Day  NAIROD YARG

Hailing from the southern capital of the Beaujolais, Villefranche-sur-Saône, French coldwave/post-punk band NAIROD YARG, made of Sébastien Ficagna and Rudy Centi, both formerly members of Plastic People, are on the verge of dropping, on September 26th, their self-released debut self/titled full-length LP. 

Formed in 2018 with the name inspired by Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray character spelled backward, the duo has swiftly shaped a heady concoction of relentless dark post-punk energy and mesmerizing coldwave melodic flow sprinkled with sharp and noisy shoegaze-infused guitar distortions.

“The Rhum and Me”, the second single which anticipates the album, unleashes with haunted dire guitar strings that bleed melancholic bliss while deep liturgical organic synths and ominous alarm drone echo hypnotically induce trance awareness as the tense, anxious distressed male vocals desperately long for comfort and satisfaction in the time-honored obsession with drinking rum.

One minute in, fast electronic pulsing beats of a highly danceable rhythm kick into overdrive instinctually moving the body as high piercing guitar needlings and grave synth melodies rouse the mind like a gust of cold air.

The companion video forms a stimulating and macabre environment manipulated by dark red light motion as it casts bizarre, transformative shadows, upon choreographed body movements all set against a dynamic and alluring soundtrack further heightened by the sensually emotional and heartfelt, yearning croons and all-encompassing instrumentation.

NAIROD YARG‘s first album is due September 26th on limited marble vinyl 12″ and CD.

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