WL//WH Video Of The Day: METRO VERLAINE “Funeral Party”

Video of the Day  METRO VERLAINE

Évreux, France‘s Post-Punk duo Metro Verlaine drop a mercurial retro/modern video directed by Lao Ségur Photography for the somber yet whimsical rocking track “Funeral Party”, the first single and title track from the soon to be released sophomore album, “Funeral Party”, due out on May 27, 2022, via Kids are Lo-Fi Records / Le Cèpe Records / Modulor / See you in L.A.

“Funeral Party” stirs nostalgic, bittersweet, and restless dreams through noisy layers of distorted wistful guitar riffs, wandering wearily, underpinned by hypnotic, stumbling drum beats, low pulsing bass lines, and emotional, to stoke soulful angsty vocals laced with the smouldering lyrical fires of fear and passion into a melancholic longing for warmth, intimacy and eternal comfort.

A stunning and immersive video by Lao Ségur Photography delivers groovy neon moods for a decorated performance lit by psychedelic light forms, metallic balloons, and shimmery electronic tinsel to spark psychic alternate dimensions of hopeless desires. Edgy fashion sense, magnetic attitudes, and dancing silhouettes add charming flair to the ethereal set to pull the viewer into the fun and fantastical world of a “Funeral Party.”

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photo by @pierre.cabanes