WL//WH Video Of The Day: LESHI “Null” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day    LESHI

The eerily evocative and immersive Industrial/ Experimental/ Ritual Noise duo, comprised of Turkish sound architect and composer  Tolga Baklacioglu and Georgian singer and performer Keren Batok (Psi Project), return, under their LESHILEŞHIლეში – moniker, with a terrifying Official Video for their second single“Null.” 

Stacked in a jarring circle of oppressive grim industrial tension, “Null” ignites a rushing torrent of menacing drone swarms, rapid-fire industrial clanks and hammers, thunderous pounding beats, buzzing stabs, and explosive FXs, to drive relentless mechanical momentums under Batok’s eerie, ritual vocals, mixing wicked spoken word with sinister cries, into an agony and an ecstasy of non-stop late night techno hypnosis.

Darkly supernatural, the Official Video by Keren Batok herself stars Kravai Tkemaladze as a tormented soul trapped inside a troubling psychic maze of mind control to sync seamlessly with the heavy lyrical content of the soundtrack. Spectacular alternate dimensional veils of strobing black and white visions overlay a dark witch whose edgy dominatrix style, contorted dance moves, and violent accessories secretly influence an unsuspecting victim into a sadistic game of psychological manipulation.

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