WL//WH Video Of The Day : HANGING GARDENS “Supra Mental”

Video Of The Day  Hanging Gardens

We were already stocked with last March’s “La Folie” song/video (here) from the French duo Hanging Gardens, born out of Metz in 2012, consisting of by Nadia B. (lyrics and vocal performances) and Loic V. (guitars, bass, synths, and keys). The band has just dropped a new track “Supra Mental” from their soon to be released, yet untitled, 5-tracks EP. On his Facebook page Loïc shares with us Hanging Gardens is also a family story,  thanks to our daughter Léa for her amazing clip!! To Discover!!! Like, share and subscribe.

Nadia’s theatrical, sensual spoken vocals combined with electrifying, reverberating and melancholic guitar chords, beautifully gloomy throbbing bass lines, and hypnotic rhythmic back-beats relate to black poetry and somber life stories, between planets, clouds, and hollow ground. Touching on the sensitive rope of emotion and melancholy, Supra Mental is a song about shedding the chaotic misinterpreted material world of the flesh and being reborn as part of the universe where you no longer seek the truth but posses it.

Another powerfully evocative and emotionally charged listening experience.

The new video beautifully illustrates how every piece of the universe is related in a cosmic way ranging from parched soil, misty lakes, sunny clear skies, expanding into the deep space the Milky Way. There is no longer a separation between man and life, but a union and harmony which did not exist before. Suffering of the inadequate divided mind, becomes a complete and stable unified existence represented by the orb at the end of the video

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