WL//WH Top 12 ‘VIDEOS OF THE DAY’ 2020

Top 12 ‘Video of the Day’ 2020

2020 has been a year the world will not soon forget, as uncertainty, fear, and isolation became commonplace the music community transformed the sound and video waves into a cathartic flow from painful anxiety to a newfound sense of self and others with some of the most imaginative DIY creations to date. The struggle we all share has never been more united and together we can grow, learn, and hopefully make the Earth a better place for all. “Imagine…”


  • MARTA RAYA ~ “Laurentiustränen”                   

In the video treated by Georgina Penstkart and JJD as Flustervision, “Egyptian lined eyes fluid black movement dances through flashing jewel-toned skies amid a maze of ruins grasping hand over heart in the universal funeral procession of life.”                                                                                              


  • BLIND SEAGULL ~ “Hunt” [Detriti Records]     

After Post-Punk Russian trio build ominous feelings of impending doom around oblivious partygoers while the stark black and white imagery of destruction and waste looms closely outdoors.                                                                    


  • OXY “PRWG”

Brasilia-based Shoegaze/Dream-Pop band merge with director Vinícius Faraco to reveal the meaning of ‘PRWG’ (Personal Red Wine Government) using red wine as a metaphor for world leaders who waste precious resources without the consensus of the people to which they belong.                                                               


  • WELL YELLS “Kill The King”

The surreal visuals, created by Patrick Holbrook himself with additional camera by Rebecca Schoenecker, stir a disturbing nightmare from the dark, instinctual menace and primal fear found in universal acts of mental distortion set to the ominous imagery of mythic natural elements cast in flashing shadows choreographed meticulously on point with the chilling soundtrack effects.                                                                                                                     


  •  POSTMODERNISM FORMS ~ “Otra Realidad Irreal”       

Bogotà  Electronic duo explores an endless dimension of pink and blue neon reflections pulsing through a blurred cityscape cast in muted strobe light effects, time-lapse anomalies, and menacing blends of alternate realities to form a hypnotic dreamlike sequence trapped in multiple identity madness.        


  • CORASANDEL ~ “Cracked Light”     

English ambient duo concocts a majestic audio-visual interplay of bipolar spatial expansions with blooming sonic horizons, to depict a fluid progression of flashing geometric shapes and black-light planes swept in negative space absorption.                                                                                           


  • ABRACADABRA ~ “Dirty Pan”

California Electro-Pop duo creates a neon-lit DIY video for the dystopian track by compiling footage from a colorful and intoxicating journey through the city streets of Japan and into the socio-political realms of the 2020 elections.


  • BEZTI∆ ~ “Espejo” 

Mexican 5-piece brotherhood BEZTl∆, create an esoteric cyberpunk clip with graphic depictions of man’s ongoing battle with technology and his imbalance with nature.


  • PERMANEÇO DEITADA ~ “O Homem Coelho”     

Brazilian Darkwave outfit cast flickering strobe effects and grainy vintage specks over a painter’s brush strokes in a powerful musical performance and a dramatic staging of “The Rabbit Man.”                 


  • WLADYSLAW TREJO ~ “Es una Bestia”

Spanish ‘synthpunk expressionist’ dives into the psychological realms of the boogeyman with illustrated video, created by Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Primo, using geometric shapes and minimal design to conceptualize both the good and the evil that lies within each of us and the particular situation that defines it.


  • TABLERAZ ~ “MAD”   

French Post-Punk solo artist under the direction of Nolan Dubois creates a graphic and disturbing depiction of a drug-addicted life left alone in the seedy gutters of a decaying city.                                                                        


  • TRICOR ~ “Once Again” produced & mixed by Jared Artaud         

East-German post-punk trio extract subconscious thoughts from evocative black and white imagery to build a surreal story around the penetrating grey gaze of an anonymous girl on the dancefloor