WL//WH Video Premiere: PAAR “Crack”

Video Premiere  PAAR

A panther scouring through the night, a voice coming from the void, images emerging in front of your inner eye – a new musical formation has converged on the edge of our postmodern battlefields.
Running by the name of PAAR, three German artists forged their public personae to one sonic canvas to paint their musical visions in sound. Soaked in layers of classic New Wave and Post-Punk of the eighties, swathed by modern electronic sounds and experimental punk, PAAR has created a musical body consisting of an intriguing mix of simple beats, minimalistic synths, refined with steady textures of guitar and bass, sanded with distinctive lyrics and vocals. If Blade Runner had been set in the dystopian Berlin rather than the City of Angels, PAAR would have been the soundtrack.
WL//WL is honored of giving you a taste of what’s to come – here’s the new music video to “CRACK”, a track taken from Paar’s new EP “HONE”, crafted by Sebastian Dominic Auer from DAS DIKTAT

Bewitching goth-infused Siouxsie-esque vocalizations, increasingly peppy and throbbing bassline, shimmering guitar leads, backed by restless tribal drumming, dance together to form hypnotic and sinister swathes of dark sonic tension and dramatic lure draped in sadness, confusion and alienation.

The mesmerizingly mind-altering Sebastion Dominic Auer‘s visuals capture the essence of “Crack” using heady photography technique to transform trees, and all their parts into something quite unlike themselves, deceiving the minds of those watching.  Aging bark cracks like sunburnt skin, becoming brittle vanity lines in a Dantean nightmare, ashen moss-covered roots resemble skulls misshapen by the weight of yesterday’s tears falling from above, and leaves misperceived into gnashing teeth devastated by displays of decadent deception.  
Self-destruction shifts to careful intention rendering beauty unrecognizable in bright unnatural shades, suffocating once adored resistance beneath the negative exposed, superimposed glossy knock off.

Paar‘s 4-track EP “HONE” is available, on white vinyl/cassette/CD and digital, via the band’s Bandcamp.

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