WL//WH Video Of The Day: IAMNOONE “Empty Hours”

Video Of The Day  Iamnoone  

Italian Cold Wave/Occult Wave duo Philippe Marlat and Stephan Seth AKA Iamnoone search their dreams for the inner light whilst turning melancholy into introspective dark music for the latest video/song release, “Empty Hours” via German independent label Cold Transmission Music.

“Empty Hours” envelopes autumnal affected decadent and sad moods into cold-hearted bass pulsations laced with a sparkling tapestry of obsessive piercing guitar lines, underpinned by steady hypnotic motorik beats, slowly swept by airy blowing shimmery synth flows, to carry pensive emotional vocals of longing and heartache into a lost sullen realm of loss and regret, where endless memories flood the mind with melancholia and lovelorn dreams.

Surreal sentimental vibes capture the grey uncertain gloom of a rainy seashore, to evoke a feeling of wandering aimlessly brooding whilst the rest of the world continues on. The hypnotic ocean flows alternately with misty urban street shots, to immerse a shadowy duo in a limbonic timeline of infinite introspection, where a rare seashell find fills the heart’s void with an intimate totem of lifelong healing.

Iamnoone‘s new 2-track single “Empty Hours” with the unreleased “Falling on my Knees” on the flip is out now on digital; whilst the last album, “Dead Season”, is still available, on CD and white solid Vinyl 12″, via Cold Transmission Music.

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